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Your Number One Dealers for Truck Purchase

Age Truck is a leading dealer of trucks with its base in Brisbane. We offer new trucks from Fuso, Man, Freightliner, and Mercedes-Benz for sale. We are available for every of your truck needs.

Our brands include:

Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Owning a truck is sometimes a necessary part of your business success. In most cases, this does not matter your industry or sector. So, whether you are a small- or large-scale business looking to get a truck, one thing you need is a quality truck. At Age Truck, we recognise these needs. As such, we provide a wide fleet of Mercedes-Benz Trucks for your purchase.

Man Trucks

When getting a truck, you need an option that redefines the standards of excellence when it comes to trucks. In truth, not just any truck would work. However, one brand that is sure to work while redefining the meaning of excellence is Man Trucks. As such, at Age Truck, we add the longstanding Man to our brand options.

Fuso Trucks

Getting trucks for your business needs is merely half of the bargain. You need a high-quality purchase that provides access to reliability, durability, and efficiency. One brand that had consistently delivered when it comes to this is Fuso. As such, at Age Truck, we offer Fuso Trucks as part of our brand offering.


You need a truck that means business if you want to boost that business. You cannot afford to stick with below par or low-quality options. If there is one brand that you can count on to deliver on this need, then it has to be a Freightliner. As such, at Age Truck, one brand that we are proud to present as part of our fleet is the Freightliner.

Our services include:


Owning a truck is only one part of the deal. You will need to keep your truck in the best possible condition. Unfortunately, constant usage of your truck can put considerable pressure on your truck. As such, you will need to take active steps to ensure your truck enjoys optimal performance in all its activities. That is where we come in at Age Truck. We provide servicing and repairs services to your trucks.


Owning a truck is a considerable investment. As such, you need to focus on ensuring that your truck stays in an optimal condition at all time. However, your constant use of your truck is sure to take its toll on the truck. In time, there will be cases of wear and tear of your truck. That is where we come in at Age Truck. We provide high-quality parts to a wide variety of the truck.

Sell Your Truck

Owning a truck seems all easy until you do not need it. In such an instance, you will need to sell your truck. However, this can sometimes be far from easy like you would otherwise love. That is where we come in. At Age Truck, we assist you in selling your truck.

Our services include


Owning a truck in this current time might be quite difficult. The problem is not often about managing them, but about financing the trucks. If you are one of these people who is finding it difficult to own a truck due to unavailable finance, then this does not have to be the case. You can avoid this through truck finance.


Most truck purchases, if not all, comes with considerable financial commitments. In such cases, you will need to make recourse to getting truck finance. However, getting a truck loan comes with its uncertainties. In turn, this can discourage you from financing your truck purchase. Surely, you do not want that. If so, then that is where a truck finance calculator comes in.


Getting a truck comes with loads of financial investment. In most cases, you might have needed truck financing to afford the trucks. Surely, you will want to protect this valuable investment. Unfortunately, various unplanned occurrences can result in the loss of your investments. This is where getting an insurance cover comes in handy.

About Us

AGE TRUCK is one of Brisbane’s leading truck dealers. We provide easy access to a wide range of truck needs within Brisbane. We regard ourselves as a big family who is passionate about the provision of easy access to the truck.

We intend to become the custodian of industry-leading services within our local community and the country at large. We want to become the first choice when truck needs arise. We plan to base this on our unflinching commitment to our values of integrity, customer satisfaction, and respect for competitors, among others. 

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We are in Brisbane, Queensland.

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