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When getting a truck, you need an option that redefines the standards of excellence when it comes to trucks. In truth, not just any truck would work. However, one brand that is sure to work while redefining the meaning of excellence is Man Trucks. As such, at Age Truck, we add the longstanding Man to our brand options.

Man represents a renowned option within the industry. This is thanks to its all-round design that ensures you can enjoy reliability and effectiveness. One thing that sets this brand apart is the driver comfort that it guarantees. It complements this with safety. It achieves these with recent technological systems that provide improvements. 

You can also count on fuel efficiency with this option. Its exceptional dynamics, high power, and reduced tare weight provide you with the best possible experience there is.

At Age Truck, we offer a wide variety of options that falls within a wider variety of budgets. We ensure that regardless of what you can afford, you can get access to a Man truck for yourself. We design our offerings to ensure that your business needs remain fulfilled through our services.

Even more, with us, you are not just getting another Man truck. Instead, you get yourself a comprehensive package that supports your business in various aspect. You can count on our financing package to ensure that you get the desired truck regardless of your financial limitations. 

Even more, you can count on our servicing services to keep your Man truck in the best possible condition. While you might consider that impressive, that is merely the beginning with us. We also source parts for your Man repairs. This way, there is no issue with your truck repair.

Our model offerings cut across the following categories:

The Man TGX

We offer the Man TGX as one of our options. This option provides an ergonomic workplace for the driver. This gets complemented by a smart assistant that ensures your work driving is easier than ever. It also comes with an efficient driveline that you can maximise.

The Man TGS

We offer the Man TGS as one of our truck options. This option comes with an intuitive cockpit that provides additional support to the driver. This gets better with its anti-slip step unit that provides extra safety and security for you when getting on and off the truck. With this option, you can bank on reliability each day, every time.

The Man TGM

We offer the Man TG as one of our truck options. This option provides ideal visibility when driving. Even more, it comes with an ergonomic step unit that provides safety and optimal security when stepping off and on. It also can withstand considerable payload, making it fit for a wide range of uses.

So, if you are looking to get a Man truck, at Age Truck, we are readily available to help you. You can contact us today to get started. At the least, we can always promise the best.

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