Mercedes-Benz Actros Delivers First Mirror Tech & More

Over the years, one thing that has been a constant part of all trucks is the existence of a mirror. Luckily, for lovers of the Mercedes-Benz, they can now experience something new with mirrors. This is thanks to MirrorCam Technology that accompanies the Mercedes-Benz Actros.

At this point, users can also boast that they enjoy the sole enjoyment of this technology. This is because there is no other vehicle that poses this technology within Australia.

According to Daniel Whitehead, this is another innovative technology that allows customers to enjoy a better experience with trucks. This redefines what was obtainable before when it comes to mirror technology within Australia. Now, there is nothing better than it and customers can be proud to be beneficiaries of this innovation that will surely lead to more developments in this area.

The great news is that this MirrorCam technology is not the only thing that stands this truck apart. Precisely, other equally amazing and impressive features accompany the most recent Actros. These combinations of technology ensure that this new Mercedes-Benz Actros is a class apart from the rest.

One of the new technologies that set this option apart is the Predictive Powertrain Control. This system maximises topographic map information to allow the truck to predict a terrain. In turn, it allows it to optimise engine response and shift pattern, one which will ensure the economisation of fuel usage by the truck. 

Even more, it comes with a Multimedia Cockpit. This design allows the driver to enjoy two tablet screens. The great news is that the driver can customise these tablet screens. In turn, it allows the driver to enjoy more information and control over the truck and the road when driving.

Again, this system comes with Brake Assist technology. This technology is in its fifth-generation. It has always witnessed considerable improvement since it first emerged, and this new version is no exception. This technology now supports complete emergency braking in the case of an imminent collision with both pedestrians and vehicles.

The goal of this truck is to provide a considerable increase in the level of comfort that was otherwise available. It also provides a significant increase in available security. And it achieves all this while consuming less fuel. This truck is a full improvement on what was once obtainable. Mercedes-Benz has made what was once great now exceptional with this new release.

This truck retains the SoloStar cabin that accompanied last year models. This cabin allows truck drivers to rest while in the truck. This is achieved through fold-down bedding that provides sufficient space for drivers to rest while still enjoying enough usable space.

There is a new LED running light during the daytime. This light stands between the truck’s headlight cluster. It provides better and energy-saving lighting during the day. The new Mercedes-Benz Actros also supports a keyless start. This gets even better with the electronic parking brake that engages itself once you switch off the engine.

All this point to one thing, this option is a great buy for everyone.

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