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Getting trucks for your business needs is merely half of the bargain. You need a high-quality purchase that provides access to reliability, durability, and efficiency. One brand that had consistently delivered when it comes to this is Fuso. As such, at Age Truck, we offer Fuso Trucks as part of our brand offering.

Fuso has taken the industry by storm since its emergence. This is thanks to its all-out approach to excellent truck delivery. It has constantly delivered new design and incorporated new technologies that allow you to enjoy a competitive advantage when you choose this brand.

Not only is this option versatile, but it is also efficient, allowing you to get value for your investment. Fuso has something for you regardless of your needs. As such, whether it is a medium-duty or heavy-duty or even light-duty truck that you need, you can count on Fuso to deliver.

At Age Truck, we offer a wide variety of options that falls within a wider variety of budgets. We ensure that regardless of what you can afford, you can get access to a Fuso truck for yourself. We design our offerings to ensure that your business needs remain fulfilled through our services.

Even more, with us, you are not just getting another Fuso truck. Instead, you get yourself a comprehensive package that supports your business in various aspect. You can count on our financing package to ensure that you get the desired truck regardless of your financial limitations. 

Even more, you can count on our servicing services to keep your Fuso truck in the best possible condition. While you might consider that impressive, that is merely the beginning with us. We also source parts for your Fuso repairs. This way, there is no issue with your truck repair.

Our model offerings under this category include:


This is a light-duty option that allows you to enjoy unbeatable agility and functional versatility. You can pick between a cab chassis and a built ready option. There are various ranges, and you can trust all of them to provide a dynamic and pleasant driving experience.


This is the medium-duty option. You can also choose between the built ready and cab chassis option. We offer the FK, FM, and FN range. You can also get a tipper for your built ready option. This design is built for excellence so you can count on it to deliver.


This is a heavy-duty option. It only offers the cab chassis option. However, you can always customise the body to meet your requirements. It maintains the culture of excellence that Fuso has become renowned for while delivering elegance.

So, if you are looking to get a Fuso truck, at Age Truck, we are readily available to help you. You can contact us today to get started. At the least, we can always promise the best.

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