Protecting Your Truck Investment Through Insurance

Getting a truck comes with loads of financial investment. In most cases, you might have needed truck financing to afford the trucks. Surely, you will want to protect this valuable investment. 

Unfortunately, various unplanned occurrences can result in the loss of your investments. This is where getting an insurance cover comes in handy. It allows you to receive compensation in the event of unwanted circumstances. This way, you do not suffer financial loss from such circumstances.

At Age Truck, we understand the considerable financial investment you make when you get a truck with us. As such, we provide an opportunity for you to obtain insurance cover for your investment in trucks.

Categories of Insurance 

We offer access to insurance for a wide range of trucks. Our primary access offerings include:

Small Truck Insurance

If you are a business that utilises small trucks, then it is good news for you. We allow you to access insurance coverage for your small trucks easily. You can be sure to enjoy affordable and effective cover in the event of damaging circumstances.

Heavy Truck Insurance

Do you engage the use of heavy trucks for your business, then you need cover. We also provide access to insurance for your heavy-duty trucks. This way, you can mitigate the financial damage of accidents.

Commercial Truck Insurance

If you are business that depends on trucks for your day to day transportation, then you are even at more risk. Without any doubt, your commercial truck requires insurance for your financial safety. We offer access to commercial truck insurance.

Scope of Insurance Cover

There is a wide range of damage or accidents that might occur when it comes to your truck. As such, we provide a variety of insurance covers that covers you in various situations. These package offerings include:

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

We offer access to comprehensive insurance cover for your trucks. This insurance covers truck replacements, accessories replacement, and emergency accommodation.

Comprehensive Downtime Cover

We offer access to comprehensive downtime cover. This is to keep you protected for production losses in cases where you experience downtime due to accidents. This cover can span as much as two weeks and sometimes more.

Comprehensive Breakdown Service

We offer access to comprehensive breakdown cover. This way, in cases where your truck breaks down even without an accident, you remain protected. In turn, you do not record any loss due to repair. The insurance cover caters for the repairs up to a particular amount as agreed upon by you.

So, if you are looking for insurance for your trucks, at Age Truck, we are readily available to help you. You can contact us today to get started on your truck insurance. At the least, we can always promise the best.

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