Mercedes Benz Trucks Australia Pacific Appoints New Director

It is a great day for Andrew Assimo today as he gets appointed to take up the position of the new director of Mercedes Benz Truck Australia Pacific. The announcement of this new appointment came after the recent departure of Michael May. Michael May resigned as the director of Mercedes Benz Trucks Australia Pacific towards the end of 2019. He resigned to take up another appointment at Iveco Australia as the Managing Director of the company. 

Andrew Assimo having been with Mercedes Benz Trucks Australia Pacific for over a decade. And helping the brand to chart a new course in different markets and areas appears to be the best fit for the new director’s position. 

Speaking about Andrew Assimo, President and CEO of Daimler Truck and Bus, Daniel Whitehead, after describing Andrew as the best fit for the appointed role covering the Australian market and expanding into the New Zealand market, stated, “Andrew has played a key role in establishing Mercedes-Benz as the premier heavy-duty cab-over brand for smart business operators in Australia, and we are confident he can guide the brand to even greater success.”

Speaking further, Whitehead says that Andrew’s close relationship with Mercedes and his contribution to the success of Mercedes Benz earned him the coveted position. In Whitehead’s words, “He has a close relationship with our Mercedes-Benz customers, having helped them improve their businesses during the last few years, and we know they will be pleased with this appointment.”

While boasting about the success and prominence of the brand he represents, Whitehead gave a hint into what should be expected by Mercedes Benz’s customers. He said, “Mercedes-Benz has the best cab-over truck in the market and is about to move further ahead with an even smarter Actros featuring MirrorCam and a host of other upgrades that its rivals simply can’t match.”

Andrew Assimo was employed in Daimler Truck and Bus as a heavy vehicle product engineer in 2007. In 2015, he was given a promotion to the post of the Senior Manager of the company. During this time, he oversaw sales, production, operations, and marketing. Andrew boasts of a career experience in Mercedes Benz spanning more than ten years. 

Andrew’s appointment as the new director of Mercedes Benz Trucks Australia Pacific is a popular one. One of the role expectations is to chart new and innovative ways for the truck brand. Andrew’s role comes with a more tasking responsibility to reach further Australia and New Zealand markets. This new move by Mercedes Benz Trucks Australia Pacific would be one of the brand’s many moves to establish itself as the best truck brand across the different country and regional markets. 

Mercedes Benz is currently one of the top truck brands in the world. It is a German Automotive brand that has established itself as a force to reckon with in the automobile industry. Mercedes Benz is famous for making both commercial and luxury vehicles for the automobiles’ lovers. Even though headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, the brand has established its presence in many parts of the world, including Africa and North America.

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